Legal Compliance
OBAKE was developed to outperform all security needs.

Keep your data safe, usable, shareable, and in compliance with the main security standards and frameworks worldwide.

We also invite you to take a look at the version comparison.
The hard balance of powerfull security and great usability.
  • The easiest and powerful encryption tool, full compliance with 56 laws and rules.
  • Encrypt by Drag-and-Drop, by Command-Button or directly from File/Windows Explorer.
  • Encrypt virtually any size/amount files and folders (and subfolders).
  • Ensure Authenticity, Integrity and Irretratability (non-repudiation) to each file files.
  • Multithreading and parallelism for maximum performance.
  • Automatic encrypted-file verification to avoid problems related to hardware errors.
  • Smart detection of algorithm and key during decryption.
  • Automatic wiping and deletion of source-files after encryption.
  • Encrypt by using Digital Certificates or Secret-Key.
  • Free Class-I long-term Digital Certificate (Personal-version only).
  • Secret-Key permission segregated by license/computer.**
  • Allows documents authorized by people, areas, groups and so forth.
  • Flexible-Sharing: select groups and add/subtract people specifically for a file.
  • Fast and flexible module to change authorizations/share on files.
  • Unlimited number of authorized persons or groups by file.
  • All authorization data is within each file: no clouds, logins, nor external tools are needed.
  • Allows synchronization with One-Drive, DropBox, Google-Drive and so forth.
  • "Fast-and-Safe Edition": directly open, edit, save and close encrypted files.
  • Smart-Handling of network files opened by different users.**
  • "Always-Safe": automatic wipe and re-encryption after file closing.
  • IAI-Header for auditing: it is not necessary to decrypt a file to inspect its audit fields.
  • Inteligent file compression, fully customized by size.
  • Exclusive COPY/PASTE module for quickly encrypt text messages (see here).
  • Flexible change of file "Modified Date" for keeping its original or the current datetime.
  • SETUP options with "on-demand" changes (does not affect the configuration).
  • SECURE-KEYBOARD for entering secret-keys, resistant to any software logger.
  • Flexible FILES/FOLDERS UI, with user-option CHART and GRID of all processed files.
  • CHART and GRID allowing reports in PDF or XLS format.
  • SETUP options locked by IT Team or by Code.**
  • "Setup Restricted Area" with maximum capilarity and password for access.**
  • "Setup Restricted Area" controlled by an exclusive software with 2FA to avoid password leaks.**
  • Log reports by mail for all accesses into "Setup Restricted Area".**
  • Compulsory sharing to authorize people, managers or areas on all files created.**
  • Compulsory sharing by License (max capilarity) or by Code.**
  • Modules for integration with Microsoft 365©, allowing secure files from the beggining.*
  • Priority Support and SLA plans.**
  • Can have Code Customizations.**
  • Can have Algorithms customizations.**
  • Exclusive download area.*
  • Open encrypted MS-OFFICE files from within their applications.*
  • Secure and fast exclusive encryption algorithms:
  • AES-NI-GCM-256/128
  • OBAKE-512-PCB/CT
  • ChaCha20-Poly1305-AEAD-256/512
  • XSalsa-Poly1305-AEAD-256/512
  • AES-CBC-256/128
  • AES-XTS-128/128
It has never been so easy to inspect the authorizations in the archives.
  • Exclusive module for auditing authoring and authorization data (I.A.I.).
  • Files do not need to be decrypted to be audited.
  • Authorized users can see all other people able to open the file.
  • Creator, Authorized People, Creation Date, Modification Dates, and more.
  • Module can inspect as many files as needed.*
  • Module can generate PDF or XLS reports for auditings.*
Far beyond the simple (and insecure) data deletion.
  • Compliance with the 14 most important standards, used in information agencies worldwide.
  • Works with any quantity of files and folders (and subfolders) and any file size.
  • User-configurable wipe counts from 1x to 20x per file.
  • Each wipe operation is verified to avoid "false-positive".
  • Optional file deletion to give the opportunity to verify the file destruction (audit evidence).
  • File deletion can be locked by IT Team.**
  • Smart wiping of files on SSD to avoid unnecessary writes which can damage the hardware.
  • So fast and reliable that we recommend to turn-off antivirus software to avoid false-positives.
  • Function can be enabled/disabled per license/computer.*
Sign and protected PDF files for non-OBAKE users
  • Encrypt, Sign and Protect any PDF file for opening with Adobe and others (PDF compliance).
  • Compliance with the 13 most important standards worldwide.
  • Ensures Privacy, Authenticity, Integrity and Irretratability (non-repudiation) to your PDF files.
  • Works with any X509v3/RSA certificates (e-CPF, Tokens, etc.).
  • Allows signatures Text-Only, Logo-Only, QR-Code and many other combinations.
  • Allows Stamp-Signature, Footer-type, Vertical, etc.
  • Allows concurrent different types of visibles signatures in same document.
  • Allows SIGN (many different people signing) or CERTIFY (just the author signs).
  • Allows custom LOGO at each signature, independently of others.
  • Allows Legal-Timestamp in any signed document, through certified online servers.
  • Allows Long-Term Validation (LTV) for legal document storage.
  • Allows PDF/A standards for legal document storage.
  • Allows restrictions to Print, Copy, Modify and so forth.
  • Allows file encryption (AES and other algorithms), with or without Password protection.
  • Allows protection by date (Expiration Date).
  • Allows access restriction to this module by PASSWORD and 2FA (Google Authentication).
Security is a chain. How concerned are you about this?
  • We supply a free long-term Class-I certificate for your protection.
  • Code protected with advanced techniques against disassembly, hooks, and monitoring.
  • Program and algorithm submitted to many cryptanalysis and prepared against side-attacks.
  • Advanced techniques against invasion of the OBAKE or its libraries (see demo).
  • Our code utilizes strong obfuscation, code-deviations and virtual-code (see here, here and here).
  • Automatic Live-Update for faster fix and upgrades.
  • Live-Update protected against cross-site and other deviation attacks.
  • Secure-Keyboard with advanced techniques (see here).
  • Secure-Keyboard fully resistant to software-monitoring and other hooks (see here).
  • OBAKE allows Audit/Compliance areas to inspect file without decrypt it (see function I.A.I.).
  • OBAKE detects advanced DEBUG techniques and avoid its own execution (see here and here).
  • Avoid unauthorized usage with PASSWORD and 2FA (Google Authenticator).
  • OBAKE license can be blocked in cases of dismissal or theft.
  • Your Company can recover any information in cases of death, absence, and so forth.**
Encryption software CAN be user-friendly.
  • Simple and easy SETUP segmented by SECURITY, USABILITY, LAYOUT and CERTIFICATES.
  • Colorful themes visually chosen.
  • Set "Light" and "Dark" modes.
  • Set "Normal" and "Tiny" interface for main window.
  • SECURE-KEYBOARD colors can be set for letters, vogals, numbers, and themes (Dark/Light)..
  • User-defined Gauges colors and thickness.
  • You can toogle CHART and GRID options of the FILES/FOLDERS module.
  • OBAKE functions can be protected by Password and 2nd-factor Authentication.
  • You can set default settings, which can be affordable altered on-demand w/o change the default.
  • Similarly, you can set a "default" key scheme (Certificate of Secret-Key).
  • Change timeout for opening encrypted files.
  • Change RAM buffer to optimize file operations or to save free memory.
  • Toogle "Keep Original Date" for files.
  • Toogle "Auto-Overwrite" for files.
  • Toogle "File Compression".
  • Set the maximum file size for compression.
  • Toogle "Verify after Encrypt" for maximum performance or security.
  • Toogle "IAI after Decrypting" for automated auditing on decrypted files.
  • Toogle "Sanitize Files" for maximum security or performance.
  • Set the number of wiping operations for maximum performance or security.
  • Toogle "Delete Source at the End" of encryption/decryption processes.
  • Toogle "Context-Help", "Key in Red", "Cursor at Field" and some other usability features.
  • Allow custom TIMESTAMP servers (for use of the PDF module).
  • Add all the certificates you have in an easy and affordable way.
  • Set a "default" certificate for encryption operations and change it anytime.
  • Similarly, you can define a "default" certificate for PDF operations.**
  • "Setup Restricted Area" for maximum capilarity on some default options.**
  • "Setup Restricted Area" is protected by password by Google Authenticator.**
  • Adds "Compulsory Sharing Certificates" based on Windows Store of files.**
  • The above restricted functions are logged in e-mail messages without a recipient limit.**
  • You can use your own mail-server to send the log messages.**
* Only available in the ADVANCED and BUSINESS versions
** Only available in the BUSINESS version