Here you find all differences among all OBAKE versions.

62 features available in the FULL version, including all you need to secure and share your data.

The ADVANCED version adds more 37 functions in 3 additional modules + Microsoft 365 integration.

The BUSINESS version includes all the above and more 25 exclusive features.





Military-Grade algorithms available.

  • AES-NI-GCM-256/128
  • ChaCha20-Poly1305-AEAD-256/512
  • XSalsa-Poly1305-AEAD-256/512
  • AES-CBC-256/128
  • AES-XTS-128/128

Free Long-Term Class-I Digital Certificate (A1).

Accepts any X509 v3 certificate (A1 or A3).


COPY/PASTE module for text messages.

Encryption by using Digital Certificates.

Encryption by using Secret-Keyword.

Encrypt/decrypt virtually any size/amount of files, folders and subfolders.

Encrypt/Decrypt by "Drag-and-Drop" or "Command-Button".

File-Explorer (old Windows Explorer) interface for encrypt/decrypt/sanitize.

Smart detection of algorithm and key during decryption.

Ensure Authenticity, Integrity and Irretratability (non-repudiation) to each file files.

Multithreading and parallelism for maximum performance.

Automatic encrypted-file verification to avoid problems related to hardware errors.

Automatic deletion of source files after encryption (optional).

Automatic file sanitization before its deletion (optional).

Smart file compression, fully customized by size.

Documents can be authorized by people, areas, and groups.

Smart and flexible authorizations changes in files.

Flexible share for persons and groups.

Allows synchronization with cloud repositories.

Fast and flexible module to change authorizations in files.

Fast-and-Safe edition of encrypted files.

Smart wipe and re-encryption of edited files after file closing.

I.A.I Header (Integrity, Authenticy, Irretratability).

I.A.I. information by file via Windows/File Explorer or decryption.

Flexible change of file "Modified Date" for keeping its original or the current datetime.

SETUP options with "on-demand" changes (does not affect the configuration).

SECURE-KEYBOARD for entering secret-keys, resistant to any software logger.

Flexible FILES/FOLDERS UI, with configurable CHART and GRID of all processed files.

Files CHART and GRID allowing reports in PDF or XLS format.

Smart edition/view for PDF files in the presence of ADOBE READER.

SANITIZATION MODULE (secure file deletion)




Automatic wipe source files after encryption for maximum security (optional).

User-configurable wipe counts from 1x to 20x per file in SETUP.

Automatic verification of wiped information to avoid leaks.

Smart-Wipe in SSD to avoid unnecessary writes which can damage the hardware.

SANITIZE module for secure deletion, providing binary wipes on each file.

On-demand user-configurable wipe counts from 1x to 20x per file.

On-demand delete-after-sanitize option.

Chart with SAVE options for Auditing or Compliance areas.

Grid with SAVE option in Excel/PDF for Auditing or Compliance areas.

File Sanitization locked by SETUP after encryption.






Visually choose colorful themes.

Set "Light" and "Dark" modes.

Set "Normal" and "Tiny" interface for the MAIN window.

SECURE-KEYBOARD colors can be set for letters, vogals, numbers, and themes (Dark/Light)..

User-defined Gauges colors and thickness.

Toogle CHART and GRID options of the FILES/FOLDERS module.

Protect OBAKE functions by Password.

Protect OBAKE functions by 2nd-Factor Authentication.

Set a "default" algorithm (can be altered on-demand without change this default).

Set a "default" key scheme (Certificate of Secret-Key).

Change timeout for opening encrypted files in "Fast-and-Safe Edition".

Change RAM buffer to optimize file operations or to save memory.

Toogle "Keep Original Date" for files encryption.

Toogle "Auto-Overwrite" for files operations.

Toogle "File Compression".

Set the maximum file size for compression.

Toogle "Verify after Encrypt" for maximum performance or security.

Toogle "IAI after Decrypting" for automated auditing on decrypted files.

Toogle "Sanitize Files" for maximum security or performance.

Set the number of wiping operations for maximum performance or security.

Toogle "Delete Source at the End" of encryption/decryption processes.

Toogle "Context-Help", "Key in Red", "Cursor at Field" and some other usability features.

Allow custom TIMESTAMP servers (for use of the PDF module).

Add all the certificates you have (no limit of only one Certificate).

Set a "default" certificate for encryption operations and change it anytime.

"Setup Restricted Area" with maximum capilarity and password for access.

"Setup Restricted Area" protected by Google Authenticator.

"Setup Restricted Area" authorizations controlled by software with 2FA to avoid password leaks.

"Setup Restricted Area" allowing options to be set as "default".

All changes in restricted functions are logged in e-mail messages without a recipient limit.

Allows the company's mail-server to send the log messages.

Lock of Wipe and Deletion options by the IT Team.

SETUP options locked by IT Team or by Code.

Handle LOCK in network files opened by different users.





SIGN & PROTECT - share secure native PDF files (non-OBAKE users).

Accepts any X509v3 certificate.

Ensures Authenticity, Integrity and Non-Repudiation to PDF file (ISO compliance).

Encrypt, Sign and Protect PDF file for non-OBAKE users.

Files can be open by Adobe, Foxit and any other PDF viewer.

SIGN and CERTIFY documents at a snap.

Allows 3 protection modes when using Certified Signature.

Allows different signatures in one or many pages of document.

Sign with Local, Reason and custom data.

Sign in STAMP mode.

Sign in Lateral/Vertical mode (top-bottom and vice-versa).

Sign in FOOTER mode.

Sign using QR-Code.

Signatures w/without logo.

Customize with your Company logo.

Free signature positionioning on pages using X/Y axis.

Handle LTV signatures for long-term.

Create PDF/A for long-term storage.

Provide Legal Timestamp to your signature.

Allows to restrict file by Expiration Date.

Allows PDF restrictions: print, hi-res print, copy, modify, etc.

Allows MASTER password to cease all restrictions.

Allows to encrypt and lock PDF by password.

PDF encryption with complied AES-256v6

Define an exclusive certificate for signing (different from these to encrypt data).

Allows SAVE and RESTORE templates for easy and quick settings.





I.A.I. module for auditings on many files

I.A.I. allows save reports in PDF and EXCEL

Allows to select folders and subfolders

Multiple selected files/folders via File Explorer





Integration with Microsoft-365©, allowing secure files at creation.

Open encrypted Microsoft-365© files from within their applications.

Segregate Secret-Key permission among different computers/licenses.

Allows Compulsory-Sharing to authorize people or areas in all encrypted files.

Allows Compulsory-Sharing Certificates based on Windows Store or certificates files (PFX).

Allows capilar Compulsory-Sharing: each area has its own or several authorized persons.

Allow Global Compulsory-Sharing: persons or areas authorized for the entire company.

Allows abstract named Certificates (i.e.: General Auditing Area).

Copies may be blocked "by Company" - no other external OBAKE application can open files.

Copies may have code customizations to attend internal IT, IS, Compliance, or Auditing areas.

Copies may have Algorithms customizations.

Quality Assurance for upgrades and new functions.

Exclusive customized download area for all applications.

Exclusive DLL module for integration with .NET 6/7 applications.

Exclusive command-line module for integration with Linux/Windows applications.

Level-1 Support can be handled by the company support area (in-house).

Priority support and SLA plans.

Training programs for IT team to make easier the software implementation with employees.