Rel. 6.17.0 (2024-03-01)
We have introduced a new setting to adjust the speed of the 59 time-based messages and the update rate in the PROGRESS GAUGES. This unified control is conveniently located in the SETUP > LAYOUT > GAUGES module.
We have updated our system to use the more recent SHA-2 in place of SHA-1 to ensure compliance with the PKCS#8 format, utilizing PBKDF2 for key derivation.
We are initiating support for the upcoming .NET 8, anticipating its adoption in the near future.
Optimized memory usage of miscellaneous methods.
We updated all libraries due to the most recent HIGH-RATE security CVE's, mainly the Terrapin Weakness (
Rel. 6.16.40 (2023-12-18)
Resolved an issue affecting the display of the OBAKE window shadow when accessed via the Explorer Context Menu, ensuring consistent visual performance across various screens.
Rel. 6.16.39 (2023-12-16)
Changed PDF-SIGN module for better performance and compatibility with ISO 19005/3 and 4.
Some libraries were updated.
Rel. 6.16.37 (2023-11-03)
Now you can set FONT and FONTSIZE to OBAKE forms.
We have enhanced the FAST-EDITION procedure:
Now their messages are sent to Windows Notifications area.
A new and friendly message is sent to expired users regarding the opening of a file, to avoid accidental overwrites.
The process for expired licenses has been refined: OBAKE now extracts, opens, and deletes the encrypted file to prevent versioning issues.
We fixed the alignment issues SETUP module.
Rel. 6.16.16 (2023-10-30)
We changed some controls for a better UX:
We have (slightly) redesigned the main FILES & FOLDERS interface, which is now more balanced and clearer.
FILES & FOLDERS has been optimized to read the saved algorithm with each new load, temporarily retaining a selected one if the user changes it.
We have transitioned from the standard IOS selection buttons to traditional checkboxes across all forms to streamline user interaction and enhance compatibility.
We have removed the CHART option from file operations to increase speed by 20% and avoid some problems on processors with built-in video cards.
We have updated the notification regarding the unavailability of AES-NI to guide our users more effectively towards a prompt resolution.
We have increased the space in TEXT signatures to accommodate some e-CNPJ certificates.
OBAKE now adds a note whenever any compulsory certificate is added or removed.
Added contextual help messages in the SETUP module.
Security update on some libraries.
In the event that a user's computer lacks AES-NI or AVX support and they attempt to select it, OBAKE will revert to the default algorithm.
We have resolved an intermittent issue concerning the occurrence of mixed Portuguese/English messages following system updates.
Rel. 6.16.2 (2023-09-26)
Security update on some libraries.
In the SIGN & PROTECT module, the REGION field is now updated as soon as it is changed.
Rel. 6.16 (2023-08-14)
LiveUpdate module completely redesigned:
The Notification scheme has been changed for a new UI experience.
All notifications are now being sent to the Windows Action Center (Windows 11 and 10 only).
Users are now informed in realtime, via notification, about new versions available.
OBAKE now ask users to close the program for allow its upgrade (less CPU processing waiting for it).
Users are notified about in-processing background upgrade.
Users are notified about newly installed versions and allow the review of changes in the Windows Action Center.
NaCL library was updated to with some enhancements and fixes.
The speed of some HASH and encryption algorithms were optimized around 10%.
The CHANGE USERS grid had some minor UI changes for a better experience.
Security update on some libraries.
Fixed an intermittent false-negative related to the VERIFY phase of the CHANGE USERS function.