OBAKE allows you to integrate its encryption functions into Microsoft 365 (installed Office 365).

It allows you to easily protect (and authorize) files from the beggining, even a simple blank page. This way you won't never forget an insecure file anymore.

Now, you have an option to quickly and easily protect all files of the Office Suite in the ADVANCED and BUSINESS versions.

✓  Fully integrated to Microsoft 365 (Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Project).

✓  You can encrypt documents from their beginning (even a blank page).

✓  All authorizations following the same scheme of OBAKE.

✓  You can authorize the document since its first encryption.

✓  You can reset the authorized users anytime.

✓  Save your documents as now: the file will be encrypted automatically!

✓  Flexibility: You will be prompted whether you want to save encrypted files (or not).

✓  Security: the already encrypted files cannot be saved without security.

✓  Security: the function Save-As is disabled on the protected files.

✓  Custom RECENT (SECURED) FILES to quickly open the previously encrypted files.

✓  Usability: RECENT FILES can be sorted by Date/Time, Title, Tag and Filename.

✓  Usability: RECENT FILES can be Grouped by Date/Time.

✓  Usability: RECENT FILES can be Summarized to improve seeking and privacy.

✓  Fully compatible with the standalone OBAKE.