Rel. 6.11.47 (2022-04-17)
Created a confirmation question for when the user wants to authorize other people but doesn't select anyone, giving him a chance to review..
Modified the SETUP USABILITY section by modifying the layout for a better experience.
Added new "timestamp" server options for PDF module.
Updates in some libraries.
Rel. 6.11.30 (2022-03-20)
Created the option to leave or not the OBAKE windows on top of others (topmost). This control is accessed through the SETUP - USABILITY option.
Slightly modified the framing process of the FILES & FOLDERS window, when the user disables the graphics and grid controls. Now the process is smoother and faster.
Modified the INITIAL LICENSING message, allowing users who do not have a Google email address to send data for their licensing through the file generated in the DOCUMENTS folder (LICENÇA-OBAKEv6.txt).
Modified windows-on-top scheme which, in rare and occasional situations, could make the window in use invisible with only its shadow showing.
Rel. 6.11.23 (2022-02-22)
Fixed bug preventing operations on mapped network disks, due to update 6.11.14.
Rel. 6.11.22 (2022-02-20)
In the IAI (Inspection) routine called by FILE EXPLORER (WINDOWS EXPLORER):
It is now 10% faster.
In case of inspection of folders or several non-authorized files, it presents the possibility for the user to CANCEL the operation, not demanding his confirmation in all the remaining files.
If no authorized file exists, the user no longer needs to close the IAI module window - it will no longer be displayed.
PDF signatures have been augmented to accommodate the messages and "checkmark" of some software like Foxit, which take up the signature's usable area.
The IAI module now allows the cancellation of the operation in situations of lack of authorization to access several files.
The IAI program no longer shows the LISTING screen if there is no valid file selected.
Correction in the WINDOWS EXPLORER module (FILE EXPLORER) which presented compatibility problems in the revision of the previous version.
The FILE EXPLORER module's INSPECT (IAI) routine now shows only one window while processing selected files/folders.
Rel. 6.11.14 (2022-02-14)
Migration of components and libraries to Windows 11, maintaining full compatibility with Windows 10 and 8.1 .
Functions built into Windows Explorer now recognize files over 2Gb (64-bit systems only).
Added a new scheme in Live-Update when in IDLE mode, with a 10-minute timer.
Modified the "non-ADMIN" user update scheme that caused an E40 error due to recent Authority changes imposed by Windows updates.
Changed GEN-0 and GEN-1 memory release scheme in file operations, getting 10% less RAM allocation and 30% faster release.
Modified the encryption, decryption and verification routine of the OBAKE algorithm in "multithreaded" mode, now consuming between 10-25% less CPU, between 20%-30% less cache/pipelines (which reflects in less energy expenditure on the CPU ) and getting an overall performance boost of between 5%-20% depending on file size.
Improvements in the SETUP module:
Changed the Google Authenticator 2-Factor Authentication screen, including a code check button.
The "code check" function has been included (CHECK button) to avoid errors due to lack of synchronism between the computer's date/time and that of the cell phone. This timing is critical to all 2-factor authentication.
Elimination of incompatibility with non-ADMIN users in Windows 11 (Pro and Enterprise) in update situations, which caused errors during the Live-Update process.
E-MAIL module removed due to incompatibility with Windows 10 and Windows 11 updates (KB5010386, KB5009469, KB5010795 and KB4023057).