A typical company following some security compliance rules must maintain the following tools:

  • Software to encrypt files in a server or repository.
  • A database to keep users able to get protected information (authentication via login).
  • Sometimes an ExhangeMail server to forward timeout-based ISO-compliance permissions.
  • Sometimes DLP software to check the email to prevent the exfiltration of sensitive information.
  • One or more technical teams to support these services, users, and all related structures.

As you can see, a vast cost center could be cut if a single easy-to-use solution is used that encrypts data and, in addition, provides authorizations without any login and database records, does not require expensive "secure" email systems, does not require DLP to inspect all protected data.

And OBAKE is this solution, as shown below.

Forget the Old School
The most widely used way to share sensitive information is still to use an "old-school" scheme based on a "secure link" via an email. This link usually establishes a "secure connection" and gives full access to the file. It is simple and easy! And likewise, for specialized attacks based on server/router compromise, 0-day vulnerabilities and company "insiders.
Too many expensive resources to keep or share protected files. With OBAKE, you only have to send (or link) the file to your recipients without any risk, even if intercepted.
Encryption + Sharing
Digital Certificates have been used to exchange information for decades without any successful attack. OBAKE is compatible with all RSA and X509v3 certificates, and they can be used both to protect and to share information.

This way, the data is visible *only* to the authorized OBAKE users
And suppose you (or your company) do not own a certificate. In this case, we provide one to you quickly encrypt your data for exclusive viewing/access, or for exchanging information with others.
Share Files Anywhere
Due to its nature and security as an OBAKE encrypted data, files can be shared via email (as an attachment), free public and insecure repositories, social networks channels or even messengers like WhatsApp and others.
OBAKE does not require any other mechanism to support file sharing: expensive cloud accounts, secure repositories, monitoring tools, databases to keep authentications, etc., with great savings.
Fast and Easy Learning
OBAKE is very easy to learn. In just a few minutes, an ordinary user can encrypt and access protected files, import and export certificates, and share information with others. Context-help, intuitive messaging, and online videos make users to understand quickly the many options available to them.
A software designed to be very user-friendly, and this is directly reflected in lower training and implementation costs.
Quick and Secure Auditings
Any file's authorized person can check all information about Creator, Dates, other authorized people and so forth, with no need to decrypt the entire file.

Personal copy makes you ever authorized. For companies, the Corporate version allows "compulsory" areas, groups, or people, making file auditing easy (but truly secure).
All files register their creator in an immutable way. So if any data is shared with the wrong person, the creator is uniquely responsible.
Reduce Backup Costs
According to various security reports, "backup sets" are one of the most important targets for attacks and information leakage. Because of this, companies often use expensive online systems to provide encrypted storage. But they are susceptible to leaks during upload or even after storage due to malicious infiltrations or 0-day vulnerabilities.
With OBAKE, you can encrypt term-based backups without any passwords to ensure long-term recovery, cutting all costs related to expensive equipment and protected clouds, without risks on upload since the data is already encrypted onsite.