Have you ever wondered why so many data leaks on databases and archives occur almost every day? The answer: the data itself is not protected, only the access to it. That is why Intel agencies make top-secret information encrypted at its origin.

But how to share this information without the risks associated with...

... password leakage, as we see on other online services or encryption suites?

... the compromise of the login-for-share through e-mail?

... using third-parties systems for years being targets of all hacker groups?

OBAKE is the correct answer innovatively using a decades-proven scheme.

Share by Certificates
Digital Certificates have been used to exchange encryption keys for decades without any successful attack. You can use your own certificate (or X509v3 compatible) to establish a way to share information. OBAKE is safer than PGP-like programs since it does not use Diffie-Hellman scheme.

OBAKE has an innovative way to import/export certificates, making these actions very simple, easy and quick - you need just two clicks!
And suppose you (or your company) do not own a certificate. In this case, we provide one to you quickly encrypt your data for exclusive viewing/access, or for exchanging information with others.
Truly Secure Sharing
To share information, you must get the Public Certificate of each of your contacts and point it into the OBAKE file.

Public-Certificates may be freely shared by e-mail, WhatsApp, and at any way you wish! There is no risk of a public certificate opening encrypted data, and there is no way for anyone without a previously selected certificate to get access to it too.

And if you do not want to share files, you can use your own certificate alone. This way, only you will be authorized to see the information. No more password to forget!
Cloud and Risk Free
Many systems and applications offer a user-friendly experience based on "secure logins by e-mail" or secure clouds. But so, why do we see information leakage and invasions all the time?

The A3 digital certificates cannot be falsified. Even the A1 ones have much more security than those mentioned above because they are not centralized in one place but on each user's machine and in a secure vault (wide surface for attacks).

Moreover, your certificate can also have an access password, like a PIN code, beyond the OBAKE's password (w/2FA if needed), creating a multilayer security procedure
User Friendly with Security
OBAKE has the easiest way to, securely, share information with others through their digital certificates.

We invite you to see how much hard work our competitors require to perform the same action - and this when they deal with certificates, since most of them do not! Try some PGP-like application and compare your efforts with OBAKE.

OBAKE is a next-generation application that solves a real challenge: aggregate cryptographic security and superb usability for information sharing among companies and people.
Users and Groups
You can authorize one or more persons to get access to the file. Moreover, you can create groups of persons to share information recurrently in a quick-and-easy way.

OBAKE allows you great flexibility with the handling of authorizations: you can create and edit groups anytime, you can select a group and add (or take off) persons individually, you can mix persons with groups, etc.

And all these settings are performed at each encryption process (files or folders), with maximum flexibility.
Audit and Recovery
OBAKE offers a way to review all shared information on each file using the I.A.I module (Integrity, Authenticity, and Irretratability).

For companies, it is handy to audit teams and supervisors to check data like the creator (and date), the last editor (and date), and authorized persons.
Exclusively on the Corporate licenses, there is also a secure way to add "compulsory sharing" to areas, groups, or persons, allowing extensive supervision, or data recovery in case of death or absence.