Initial Settings
Install Certificate
How to install your certificate in Windows and OBAKE in less than 90 seconds.
Customize Interface
Change size, colors, themes and many other options of OBAKE.
Secure Keyboard
We offer a truly secure virtual keyboard for high-sensitivity environments.
Import and Export Contacts
Have you ever thought about exchanging secure information without passwords? Certificates can perform that, and with OBAKE, you don't need to be an expert to do it.
File Explorer Interface
OBAKE makes encrypting your files (and folders) effortless through its FILE EXPLORER interface. As a result, keeping your information securely stored in any place has never been easier and faster.
Encrypt and Share by Certificates
Here you can see how simple it is in OBAKE to protect and authorize people to see your information. And you can share it even in public repositories, with no risks at all!
File Explorer Interface
OBAKE is fast and straightforward: decrypt your files or folders directly from FILE EXPLORER in seconds. This option is available when users do not need to change any SECURITY settings, working on the previously configurated defaults.
Credential Window not Shown?
Due to the intrinsics of Windows 8.1 and 10, sometimes users do not see the the window to enter their certificate password, allowing OBAKE to decrypt files. How can you manage this issue quickly?
Decrypting by Certificate
Forget the difficulties seen when using digital certificates in cryptography. OBAKE has an innovative way to make these operations simpler than any other tool.
MICROSOFT-365 Integration Modules
Encrypt from the Start
Have you wondered how simple and fast it would be if we could start any document or sheet already protected by a robust encryption scheme, even against equipment theft? You can do this in Excel, Word, Powerpoint, and Project.
Finding the Recent Files
Once created and encoded, the files will no longer be opened by your application's usual "recent files" window. So how do you find and open the most recent files in an accessible and easy way?
By digitally signing a PDF file, you ensure its integrity and authentication: the file and authorship cannot be altered. With OBAKE, you have many options for signing your PDF files quickly and easily.
Although unnecessary, OBAKE allows you to sign all pages of a PDF file using different signature types and positions, with many layout options, and quickly and easily.
Would you like to change the type of digital signature you created with OBAKE in your PDF? This can be done quickly and easily, as seen in this video.
Would you like to encrypt a PDF file with a password and restrict the functions that readers can perform simultaneously? With OBAKE, it takes you just a few seconds to do it!
Would you like to encrypt a PDF file and restrict the functions that readers can perform simultaneously? With OBAKE, it takes you just a few seconds to do it!