Rel. 6.4.14 (2020-09-25)
We changed the EXCEL report of the FILES/FOLDERS and SANITIZATIONS grid to set the width and coloring of the exceptions found automatically.
Created a window informing the newbie user how to request his evaluation license.
Rel. 6.4.12 (2020-09-08)
The error message line in the FILES and SANITIZATION grid now colors the initial columns (name and size), drawing the user's attention when the window is not wide enough to show the DETAILS column and the SHOW ONLY ON SCREEN control is on, suppressing real-time error messages.
Created the encryption exception for MS Office temporary files. These files are, therefore, not encrypted when are abandoned by Office (they remain in the file folder even after the file has been closed by Office).
Rel. 6.4.10 (2020-08-29)
Modified the FILES and SANITIZATION processing grid, drawing attention to errors that occurred by coloring the DETAILS column (where any problems are reported) differently.
Modified PDF report of the data exported by the grid of processed files (FILES and SANITATION), making them more straightforward and easier to read.
Modified PDF report of the data exported by the grid of processed files (Files and Sanitization), which now adds the digital signature of the user-author (if present in the PDF module), showing authorship and time stamp.
Modified EXCEL report of the data exported by the grid of processed files (Files and Sanitization), making them easier to read and, in this specific format, protecting the spreadsheet against any alteration.
Modified the FILES and SANITIZATION processing grid to show messages that occupy more than a single line, adapting the height of the cell in question proportionally.
Rel. 6.4.6 (2020-08-13)
Created a new help screen in the E-MAIL module, providing information about the editor's context menu, which allows for more text formatting options.
Removed the option to import and export certificates in CER format, leaving only the OBAKE and Base64 (Text) structures.
Fixed the PDF protection routine by expiration date, published in "disabled" mode in the last version.
Rel. 6.4.4 (2020-08-02)
Minor changes in the icons associated with OBAKE files.
PDF module: created a mechanism to warn users against SHADOW-type attacks that may be contained in PDF files to be signed.
LIVE UPDATE: modified the information schema about downloading, checking, and unpacking packages, making it more readable and easy to interpret by the user.
Fixed the bug that allowed signatures in the PDF module using a specific certificate removed from the OBAKE settings but still present and within validity in the Windows STORE.
Rel. 6.4 (2020-07-12)
Modification of the program's opening screen, making it smaller and faster.
Increased the performance of the integrity verification routine.
Created a VERTICAL signature template that can be placed at any position on the page, with Top-Down or Bottom-Up orientation.
Added informative message about CERTIFIED SIGNATURE on multiple pages of the document.
Modified the window layout to allow better viewing on some notebooks with screens of 738 vertical pixels or less.
Modified the layout of the SIGNATURE window for better viewing of the logo and QR-Code.
The DELETE SOURCE FILE control is now ON by default for new installations.
E-MAIL Module:
We incorporated a French dictionary (pre-1990 and post-1990 grammar) into the editor for grammar review.
Fixed failure in setting night/day mode after using the PDF module.
Fixed a bug that deletes a signature logo if, when signing the PDF, the logo checkbox was unchecked.