Rel. 6.5.21 (2020-12-06)
Minor change to the texts of certificates exported as TEXT (CERTIFICATES module), making them more straightforward for the recipient.
The main OBAKE window can now work in "miniaturized" mode, where only the icons are shown without the program descriptions.
We modified the color scheme of the PDF module's grid.
The PDF module's signature grid can now be reordered by clicking the PG column.
The columns of the I.A.I. module window can now be resized up to 100 pixels, making it easier to view on 15" screens or smaller.
We fixed a bug in the automatic translation of buttons in the CERTIFICATES module.
We fixed the colors of columns 1 and 4 of the SIGNATURES grid in the LIGHT mode in the PDF module.
We fixed the performance-by-time measurement of files in FILES/FOLDERS and SANITIZE, erroneously accumulating the previous time in the actions of the BACK button.
We fixed the faulty positioning of the PDF1/A box in the PDF module window.
Rel. 6.5.9 (2021-11-10)
Fixed a bug in the Total Files (FILES and SANITIZATION) gauge, resetting to zero on each new file due to implementation in 6.5.7.
Fixed a bug that ended up replacing any user-customized "reasons" in the PDF PROTECTION module with each new release.
Rel. 6.5.7 (2020-11-04)
We included the possibility for the user to mark his digital certificate as DEFAULT or not, in which case the system will always ask which certificate to use.
We included the BACK button in the FILES/FOLDERS and SANITIZATION windows.
We created a warning that alerts the user when attempting to CERTIFY a PDF document with other signatures.
Removed the AVERAGE LINE and TREND LINE controls from the FILES/FOLDERS and SANITIZATION window, aiming at better performance.
We modified the LIVE-UPDATE modules, now providing two distinct download locations, avoiding problems when one of the cloud servers has occasional issues.
Fixed a bug that, on some Windows, prevented the IAI check from entering after decrypting files due to RAM cleanup.
Rel. 6.5 (2020-10-25)
Modified the layout of the main window, the distribution of its functions, and the repositioning of buttons when the window size is changed, giving more flexibility to the user to define his preference.
The program load is now 40%-50% faster due to deep optimizations made in the integrity and licensing routine.
We got a 10%-30% performance increase in the OBAKE-512 algorithm optimizations.
Updated UI libraries with a performance gain of 10% depending on video and drivers (Nvidia).
Added new color themes, going from the current 12 to 59 themes available
The use of color themes was slightly modified in some controls, adding the selected colors in some visual aspects.
Created an option to automatically update the data from the last file edition, when opened in FAST-EDITION mode.
Created a new button for the SETUP function, making it simpler and easier to find.
Created context-sensitive help for the main menu buttons.
Removed the transparency effect when moving windows.
Created a new function: IAI (see below).
Created a new function to visually demonstrate the Integrity, Authenticity, and Non-Repudiation checks on files encrypted by OBAKE, allowing the user to visualize a process previously done internally to ensure that the file is 100% in compliance with these requirements.
Created a function that allows checking which users were authorized by the file's creator, which was the last to edit the file, and the file's creation and later modification date. Option available only for files encrypted with digital certificates.
Created an option for exporting data in PDF or EXCEL format.
Created an option that allows optionally and automatically listing the IAI data at the end of the decryption operation of files encrypted by digital certificates.
Changed the message when remarking a standard certificate in the program's SETUP, indicating the previous standard case existing.
Fixed a bug in the windows, which did not refresh completely when minimized and restored, but only refreshed if the mouse was positioned over them.
Modified the LiveUpdate module, fixing a bug in one of the third-party libraries which presented problems in the last update