Rel. 6.7.46 (2021-06-28)
Fixed permissions conflict in OFFICE-AddIns modules that prevented users from resetting in Windows 10 environments.
Rel. 6.7.44 (2021-06-25)
We created an option to view personal certificates in the STORE\MY folder, in addition to the MY CERTIFICATES group.
We fixed an issue regarding accessing personal certificates installed on Windows 10 21H1 on unprivileged users during the initial setup.
Rel. 6.7.43 (2021-06-22)
We removed the option to disable the Sharing window when in encryption by digital certificates.
Fixed video auto-scaling issue on FILES & FOLDERS screen in resolutions less than Ultra-HD (4K) when returning from an operation with the CHART and GRID windows disabled.
Fixed a FILES & FOLDERS screen issue when toggling CHART and GRID windows when the window size was larger than the minimum.
Rel. 6.7.40 (2021-06-18)
Fixed our automatic update routine in Windows 10 20H2 that presented a problem executing exclusively in cases where the user logged in after the scheduled start time due to a known Microsoft bug.
Rel. 6.7.30 (2021-06-18)
Enhancements in the CERTIFICATES module:
It now allows the export of too many certificates at a time (groups) by simply selecting them and clicking the export button.
Created a command to group the certificates in alphabetical order, making it easier to locate them.
The color of the marked certificates was modified, adopting a more visible and explicit pattern in all color themes.
We modified the layout of the SECURITY section of the SETUP, making it compatible with the FILES & FOLDERS module and allowing better visual identification by the user.
We modified the colors of the selected rows and cells in all the program grids to the standard black-lime, which is more visible, apparent, and independent of the color theme adopted.
We modified the status/counter line of the FILES & FOLDERS worksheet, leaving it without the margin below it.
We modified the colors of selection boxes, avoiding letters with colors equal/approximate to the theme's background colors.
We modified the status/counter line of the FILES & FOLDERS grid, removing the existing margin.
We modified the SHARING window, allowing grouping by alphabetical order and facilitating the search and selection of a contact to be shared.
We modified the selection of CERTIFICATES in the SETUP module to show only the user's certificates.
Fixed FILES & FOLDERS window size and alignment issue on 4K displays when returning from an operation with the GRID and CHART disabled.
Rel. 6.7.22 (2021-06-07)
It included a flag file to prevent calls to the program during the automatic update.
It included a warning message to the user in case OBAKE is called during an automatic update.
The imported certificate message now carries the user's name.
It modified the message when importing multiple certificates, making it easier to understand.
Rel. 6.7.18 (2021-05-17)
The display of bookmarks was disabled in the SIGN & PROTECT module.
The installer now adds the OBAKE icon to the Windows taskbar.
It added a DPI-Aware mode allowing OBAKE on 4K displays (UHD - 3840x2160), as well as Full-HD (1920x1080) and lower resolutions.
Minor changes to the program messages.
Fixed Live-Update module (LUC) execution failure that originated after last week's Windows Office upgrade.
Fixed failure to export certificates in "text mode" when the last used folder was no longer on disk.
Rel. 6.7.9 (2021-05-08)
Modified the LiveUpdate routine, making it 20% faster and more transparent to the user
We modified the certificate search routine in SETUP, making it 12% faster.
We changed the acronym "PDF-PROTECT" to "SIGN & PROTECT" for usability reasons.
The e-CPF certificates now show the e-mail, even when this data is present only in the optional OID.
Changed the LIVE-UPDATE checking periodicity.
We fixed a bug in the "toast" messages (corner of the screen), avoiding its presence sometimes.
Rel. 6.7.4 (2021-04-02)
We modified the FILES & FOLDERS window so that when you disable the GRID and CHART, it adapts its size to the minimum necessary (reduced interface).
We modified the scheme for selecting themes (colors), which is now much more intuitive and faster. Just go to SETUP, LAYOUT, and THEMES.
We modified the LIVE-UPDATE, which no longer requires user confirmation to proceed with the update.
We have made the LIVE-UPDATE interface smaller, taking up less space on the user's screen during the update process.
Rel. 6.7.0 (2021-03-07)
Friendly Icons: we have modified the icons of encrypted files to show the original file type (168 most common file types of 19 different applications), making it easier to find in folders with many different files and quicker to recognize them visually.
We accelerated the load of OBAKE by more than 60%, with no loss of security regarding system integrity. This improvement is seen in the recurrent use of it during the day.
We have modified the "expiry date protection" message in the PDF module, making it more explicit for recipients of the PDF file.
We included an additional information message about the "expiry date protection" features in the PDF module, making it more understandable for the user.
We have included a call to the most up-to-date "Visual C++" library in our installation package, allowing more security for users and, at the same time, fixing cases where the library in question does not exist in the user's operating system.
We enhanced the message indicating that PDF can have only a single certified signature when there is more than one signature in a document.