Rel. 6.8.49 (2021-09-12)
We improved the AES-CBC performance by 10% with temporary file management.
We modified the way "TOAST" messages are called, so they now take up less memory and run in a separate thread from the program.
Changes to "log" messages to ease the process of supporting and debugging problems.
Rel. 6.8.46 (2021-08-24)
Fixed bug that caused an unmanaged exception when users tried to share information and no contact group was present. The bug was originated in the previous release.
Rel. 6.8.45 (2021-08-23)
Altered the FAST-EDITION mode SANITIZATION routine for use in files allocated in file servers with delayed connections or packet failures.
We segmented the routine for issuing messages during the FAST-EDITION mode SANITIZATION process, allowing granularity both in the reported error, as in the possibility of the user performing a RETRY in network connections that may be suffering from "lag" or packet losses.
We modified the routine for opening PDFs in FAST-EDITION through Adobe Reader to avoid the decryption and overwriting of files that other users may open at that moment in the same folder.
Fixed a parallelism bug in creating groups, which eventually generated ERR-280.
Fixed a bug that required reloading the sharing window to view the people in the last group created if the user created several groups in sequence.
Rel. 6.8.38 (2021-08-08)
The "by default" mandatory sharing check is now "instantiated", bringing more security to the process. Any change, even if authorized, will be detected by the new routine.
Personal and BUSINESS versions have been made compatible with the use of recent file lists in MS-OFFICE 365, for users who eventually purchase add-in modules of this Microsoft suite.
Rel. 6.8.36 (2021-08-05)
The bug that caused instability in the grouping button of the user sharing module was fixed.
Fixed a bug that caused a "Null-Reference Exception" if the user selected one or more users for sharing, then deselected all, and then navigated with the horizontal bar of the grid to the end and the beginning (horizontal scroll).
We fixed a bug that caused a user's automatic selection when ungrouping the users' grid for sharing.
Rel. 6.8.38 (2021-08-08)
The "by default" mandatory sharing check is now "instantiated", bringing more security to the process. Any change, even if authorized, will be detected by the new routine.
Personal and BUSINESS versions have been made compatible with the use of recent file lists in MS-OFFICE 365, for users who eventually purchase add-in modules of this Microsoft suite.
Rel. 6.8.30 (2021-07-26)
We modified the colors of the scrollbars for better visualization and clarity.
The layout of the PDF report exported in the I.A.I. module was slightly modified.
We modified the routine for selecting certificates for sharing with the following benefits:
It now contains TWO areas: certificates/contacts found and contacts that will be shared. This allows the user to control better when sharing with people from different groups and Windows STORES.
The window allows horizontal resizing between the areas, allowing for better viewing on small resolutions: place the mouse between them and drag.
Users can now create CONTACT GROUPS (certificates), facilitating recurrent contact sharing. You can configure up to 32 thousand groups with 32 thousand users each.
Virtually no limit to the number of files and folders (depending on currently available memory).
The GROUPS can be changed (or deleted) at any time by including or excluding people and saving the result.
The GROUPS can also be changed on demand (adding or excluding people) without changing them permanently.
One or more GROUPS can also be loaded, adding people who do not belong to any of them, adding versatility and ease to the process.
The user can now select a certificate by double-clicking on it or just clicking and using the corresponding arrow intended for this purpose.
One can also select multiple certificates using the mouse "dragging" and proceed similarly as above.
It now allows you to aggregate certificates from different areas (STORE) without losing the selections you made previously.
The "Certificate by Area" functionality is preserved - in this case, you can distribute certificates on behalf of an area or sector to employees, aiming to reduce the size of the final result (only one certificate will be attached to the information).
New BUSINESS version with many new features:
We incorporated the (optional) use of compulsory sharing "by default," allowing all company copies to be automatically enabled for sharing by persons and sectors and independently of other settings made by authorized technicians.
By default, compulsory certificates are immune to removal/deletion by authorized personnel (RESTRICTED tab).
All standard compulsory share certificates are protected against changes by 512-bit HASH routines.
We incorporated an optional routine of sending detailed e-mails (LOG), for sectors or people, in any modification of compulsory sharing, with no limit on the number of recipients.
We incorporated the ability to use custom mailboxes for sending and receiving the LOG.
Compulsory certificates are now visible only after the authorized technician's entry is validated.
A confirmation is no longer required to enter and withdraw compulsory certificates; it is performed automatically at the end of each operation.
We slightly modified the restricted tab's layout, optimizing the available space.
It was corrected the positioning of messages that were overlapping the logo on the screen of the SIGN & PROTECT module (PDF).
Rel. 6.8.18 (2021-07-19)
The "Stack Overflow" bug was fixed. The bug acted with the ACCESS PASSWORD routine and the new "FAST-EDITION" window, which prevented the decryption of the file after entering the correct password.
We fixed a conflict with the "IAI" functionality in the FILES/FOLDERS module when disabled by the user and enabled by the IS team (BUSINESS version).
Rel. 6.8.13 (2021-07-18)
We slightly modified the layout of the "FAST-EDITION" status window, making it smaller and more adapted to HD resolutions (up to 700 lines) while maintaining compatibility with Full-HD and Ultra-HD (4k) resolutions.
Fixed a conflict between ACCESS RESTRICTION and DISABLE SECRET-KEY in the EVALUATION and BUSINESS versions. This conflict only impacted the keys box enablement, with no errors affecting the security imposed by the license type in either version.
Rel. 6.8.11 (2021-07-14)
We implemented a "RECENT FILES" button in the MS-OFFICE Add-In modules (ADVANCED and BUSINESS versions):
It allows quick access to OBAKE encrypted files in Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Project.
It listing shows DAY, TIME, TITLE, TAG (if any), ORIGINAL NAME, and FILE LOCATION.
Default listing ordered by DAY and TIME, both descending (from most recent to oldest) and in independent fields.
It allows the user to reorder each field (such as name or TAG) without changing the day.
The list of files can be grouped by DAY, making searching easier
The list can be sequential (not GROUPED), bringing flexibility and convenience.
The grouping can be CONSOLIDATED or not, allowing you to view only the days or all the days and their respective files.
If GROUPED, each day can be opened independently, making it easier to view the files of that date.
The listing allows SORT (reordering) in all fields, in ascending or descending order.
It allows several FILTERS in all fields, facilitating the search and location.
Both SORT and FILTERS can be used in GROUPED mode or not.
To open a recent file, double-click on the corresponding line.
It allows you to configure the list from 1 to 8192 last edited and encrypted files.
We modified the way of exiting and closing POWERPOINT in the ADVANCED and BUSINESS Add-Ins, which was delayed due to an issue not clarified by Microsoft, forcing us to make an unconventional but effective and immediate technical exit.
We corrected the repeating SAVE message (in some cases) in the MS-WORD Add-In module of the ADVANCED and BUSINESS versions.
Rel. 6.8.4 (2021-07-05)
We implemented size adjustment by the upper border of the windows, making it easier to resize them in Windows with resolutions below Full-HD.
We slightly modified the window layout for better adaptation to HD and lower resolutions, maintaining compatibility with Full-HD and Ultra-HD resolutions.
We implemented an internal SEED variable to access the restricted tab of OBAKE, ensuring greater security and the possibility of RESET of the entire team (BUSINESS version).
We had increased performance by 4% in file operations.
Rel. 6.8 (2021-07-04)
We incorporated a new PADDING standard for digital certificates, extending the use of e-CPF/e-CNPJ from some Certificate Authorities in data encryption operations.
The FILES/FOLDERS and SANITIZE windows are now configured in real-time when turning GRAPHICS and GRID on/off.
We removed the last empty row in the CERTIFICATES module when the listing is grouped.
The grouping configuration in the CERTIFICATES module is now saved as user preference, ensuring the same layout in the following entries in this module.
We modified the "Certificates for Sharing" window, removing the bottom row.
We modified the 2FA Authentication (Google Authenticator) entry, resizing the dynamically generated QR-Code according to the window size.
We modified the configuration and request windows of the 2FA Authentication (Google Authenticator) for use in Ultra-HD (4k) monitors.
We modified the permission routine for using secret keys, streamlining the code for better performance in all modules.
We modified the block detection routine in the COPY/PASTE program, allowing more flexibility and accuracy in copying the encrypted block for its decryption.
We modified the SETUP window to adapt it to Ultra-HD (4k) mode.
Minor changes in some messages
BUSINESS version with many enhancements and features:
It now allows differentiated access for IS/IT with various security options, with restricted access.
Restricted access by e-mail and HOTP (HMAC One Time Password) and TOTP (Time-based One Time Password) controls.
Allows various permission settings for security functions.
Allows compulsory sharing of encrypted information upon generation, ensuring recovery or inspection by authorized persons or areas transparently to the user.
Compulsory certificates can be configured on the machines through a search on the WINDOWS STORE or by pointing on disks, allowing the credentials to be brought in through folders or USB sticks.
Allows simultaneous use of OBAKE certificates, Certificate Authority certificates, and e-CPF/e-CNPJ certificates.
Maximum capillarity allows differentiated configurations per machine.
Exclusive InfoSec/IT Technician Qualification module, ensuring the secure qualification of authorized technical personnel.
Qualification module configured for 2-factor security: password + digital certificate, enabling a model resistant to the "internal enemy" without using passwords that can be leaked.
We implemented certificate revocation in OBAKE certificates configured by the company.
We implemented checking of certificates revoked by Public Authorities.
We have implemented optional revocation of digital certificates, allowing or restricting the use of digital certificates at the Company's choice.
We corrected the e-CPF/e-CNPJ certificate export routine in the CERTIFICATES module, exporting them correctly in FILE format.
We corrected the error message of certificate export as ANEXO when the file name was invalid.
The SANITIZE module now obeys the settings imposed by the IS area (restricted tab of the SETUP of the corporate version), no longer asking the user about the actions to be taken if they are turned on and specified.
We fixed the random "SplitterDistance" problem when the user turned off/on GRAPHICS and GRADE in the FILES/FOLDERS and SANITIZE modules.
We fixed encryption failure through MS-OFFICE modules when the "key" pattern was set to "secret-key".