Rel. 6.9.11 (2021-10-23)
We changed the certificate selection mode for sharing, making selecting and deselecting certificates more intuitive.
We changed the size of the shared certificate grid, getting a little more usable area.
We included the "thumbprint" of the certificates in the IAI information viewing grid, making it easier to find them in the Windows repository for users with several credentials (current certificate and those previously expired). This operation is valid only for encrypted files from this version.
We implemented the "Full Pathname" control in the IAI program, allowing segmented viewing (not agglutinated) in folders that contain files with the same names.
We implemented CSV format export (comma-separated fields) in the IAI program.
We modified the box for sending administration messages to our NAWKA email due to complaints of not receiving them due to the "zero-trust" process of Google Mail.
We implemented a solution to the "locking" that Outlook does on attached files, which prevented OBAKE from sanitizing the folder used to access encrypted PDF files, generating an "E033" alert.
We changed the precedence of the Information Sharing window in operations performed by Windows Explorer, bringing it to the front of all other windows.
Rel. 6.9.2 (2021-09-26)
The "Language" changes now update the OBAKE context menu in Windows Explorer in real-time.
When selecting folders and files simultaneously in Windows Explorer, the OBAKE menu is suppressed.
Fixed a bug in Windows Explorer that allowed .OBKF files to be re-encrypted.
Rel. 6.9 (2021-09-23)
Implemented access by integration with Windows Explorer (File Explorer):
Using the right mouse button, you can encrypt, decrypt, and inspect (IAI) files and folders directly from Windows Explorer (File Explorer).
Functions are available for files and folders/subfolders.
Context-sensitive split functions enable according to the files selected by the user.
Virtually no limit to the number of files and folders (depending on currently available memory).
Functions protected against unauthorized operations if using password and 2FA (SETUP).
It has a specific LOG file and notifications for the user, facilitating the debugging of occurrences and exceptions.
It is enabled as of the 1st run of version 6.9.xx.
The COPY/PASTE program menu now no longer closes automatically when selecting any of the options, reacting only on the menu button (open and close).
The certificate grid in the IMPORT/EXPORT CERTIFICATES module now guides users who want to delete certificates from the Windows Store.
We updated the compression algorithm for TEXT mode encryption in the EMAIL and COPY/PASTE programs from the standard ZLib (ZIP) to LZ4, achieving better compression rates and speed.
We modified the CONFIRM button in the user-sharing module, making it more visible and highlighted in the window.